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Hope Falls thumbnailHope Falls
from the Press Release:

“After five months of online buzz, HOPE FALLS, the five part supernatural thriller by creators Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood is finally available to order in the SEPTEMBER PREVIEWS – SEP073850.

“Already garnering critical acclaim from both reviewers and professionals alike, HOPE FALLS is the tale of Helen, a small town waitress who returns to the town she was murdered in, twenty years after her death.

“But although the four men involved have moved on with their lives, Helen hasn’t aged a day and has a wealth of new powers in her arsenal as she returns for one reason only – vengeance . And, as the body count starts to rise, we discover a shocking secret – Helen is an Angel, free-falling from Heaven in a search for revenge and each one gained is a step towards Hell. She is falling, and only one man, the enigmatic Michael can stop her.

“But as the story progresses, Michael himself discovers that there is more to this than a simple killing – and that this is part of an Angelic conspiracy that goes all the way back to the time of Christ. Can he stop her, and more importantly – should he stop her? And with dark forces siding against her, will Helen even manage to complete the job?

“‘I wanted to write something a little different.’ Explains series creator Tony Lee. ‘I had been writing a lot of spandex or sci-fi, and I wanted something a little bit more cerebral. HOPE FALLS came out of that darkness. It’s not an ‘a to b to c’ type of tale, and the twists start from pretty much the very first scene.'”

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