Comics Radar 043

In the words of Evo Terra, this episode has been posted since October 15. All episodes are posted by the wednesday following Sunday night recording (give me a break, I’ve been out of it for a while.). Any evidence to the contrary has been planted by somebody that has an agenda and they’re not to believed, or trusted….

Anyways, here’s the recording of our first Live episode talking about a handful of new News story (it’ll be a shorter segment next time) A guest segment by Lord Shaper from the Kryptographik Podcast about horror comics because neither I nor Matt know sod all about them. Then we look at some of the books in the october previews. And we have a couple phone calls. Tons of fun for the whole family, though there are a couple naughty words.

Join us for our next live recording, Nov. 30, 10pm EST.

Comic Tube Podcast
Nobilis Erotica Podcast NSFW
High Moon – Zuda Comics

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