Comics Radar 057 – Not Approved by the Comics Code Authority

Matt’s not feeling well, so JC decided to take back the big chair for this week’s podcast about Banned Book Week. Thanks to Mur Lafferty and “I Should Be Writing” for reminding me about it.

Here’s a longer List of Banned Books, though I don’t believe that one truly definitive list exists. It’d be impossible as new books are contested every day.

And while the Comics subsection of literature may not face as many threats of banning. It faced it’s own issues through the Comics Code Authority.

Here’s the Complete 1954 guidelines just to see how far it really went in what could and could not be done.

And go read “Judgment Day,” one of the most talked about stories that was killed by the CCA.

And I forgot to mention it in the show, but if you can afford it and want to help prevent any comic bannings, you may want to consider donating to the CBLDF. I’m sure they’d appreciate it, and so would I.


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