Matt’s Pull List for Jan. 20th!


Incorruptible #2

Mark Waid continues to be Evil.  I really enjoyed the first issue(and so did John).

Max Damage and his sidekick, Jailbait, try to bring down the Plutonian in this issue.





Star Wars: Dark Times #15

My favorite of all the Star Wars titles.  It finally returns after a five month hiatus.

I would really like to know why it took so long for this issue to hit the shelves.

Expect the next issue of Dark Times around Halloween.




Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Fool’s Gold #2

How dare a Star Wars Fan purchase a Star Trek comics book! I shall burn in Geek Hell… Forever.

Whatever, I don’t care.

Like I stated before, I’ve always enjoyed DS9 and this Mini-Series really captures the atmosphere of the television series.



Transformers Bumblebee #2

This series kind of takes place between the regular issues of the Transformers ongoing series.

Feeling betrayed by their human allies and Skywatch, Bumblebee and the remaining Autobots must now hunt done fellow good guy, Blurr.



Green Lantern Corps #44 (Blackest Night Crossover)

After the Events of last issue, Kyle Rayner is back from the dead and Guy Gardner is now a Red Lantern, kicking Black Lantern ass.

Hopefully Kyle and the other Green Lanterns can cure him of this Crimson Madness.



Starman #81 (Blackest Night Crossover)

I used to enjoy Starman way back in the day. Jack Knight is such a cool character. Too bad he won’t be returning in this issue… sigh.
Let’s see how Opal City and the anti hero, the Shade deal with the a Black Lantern Starman.

But which dead Starman is it?



Captain America #602

The last time an issue of this series came out was back in July of last year.

Now Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes must deal with the return of 1950s crazy Captain America who wants to start a new American Revolution.

Bonus second feature contains a Nomad story… Really?



Uncanny X-Men #520

A Predator X is loose under the streets of New York City and it’s up to Wolverine, Psylocke and Fantomex to Hunt it done.

Plus, is Namor the savior of Utopia? And does he have a hidden agenda?

Till next week boys & girls… the Power is Yours!