The last comic I'll ever buy from Past Present Future Comics. Great Book.
Right before we observe America’s 239th birthday, you should stop by your local comic shop and grab a few of these issues hitting the shelves. Brian K. Vaughan’s futuristic story about Canadian Soldiers versus American Mechs “We Stand on Guard” premieres and we’re the bad guys. Mickey Mouse continues his
The three of us start off the month with June Previews, which leads us to the title of this episode. Burnard told us that after only three months of going live, DC’s “Infinite Crisis” video game is going the way of the dodo, the One Million Moms’ (actually only about
If you listen to the Comics Radar Podcast, you’ll know that I am quite a few months behind on my reading. I’ve recently begun remedying this situation and wanted to give my thoughts on some of the books I’ve been reading through. Part of the reason I’ve been so backed