Comics Radar 120 – No Duck Boners



It may not be a mile-stone episode, but we’ve reached 120, folks! Burnard starts the show off with a least 6 new cast members added to CBS’s Supergirl series and more “Blackwashing”. John admits to reading John Lewis’ March: Book One graphic novel, a month after Black History Month, but has nothing else to bring to the show. We also cream our geeky-pants about the third and hopefully final Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer and Matt nitpicks it. Then we delved into March Previews: IDW’s Disney comics are confusing us, all the Secret Wars and Battleworld tie-ins, Archie Comics final issue and a few games, toys and other things we can’t afford. And finally, John (and the internet) crushes Matt’s dreams of a “unique” Halloween costume too.


Comics Radar 119 – Offending Everybody


20150226First off, fair is fair. Burnard has his bathroom selfie (though he denies it) as does Matt. So this time, it’s John’s turn with the John.  (Don’t understand? listen to 117)

Then we talk about comic news. Doctors Who coming this summer. MCU adds Spider-Man. Younger Nightcrawler cast in upcoming X-Men flick. Deadpool film updates. Neill Blomkamp’s next film will be an Alien sequel. Invader Zim returning in Comic form? Mentioned Ghostbusters board game, Animal-Man omnibus and Eaters of the Dead novel. ‘Supergirl’ Casts Mehcad Brooks As Jimmy Olsen. (How old is he?) *LOL* Matt has never seen a black ginger, Rachael Taylor Cast as Hellcat for AKA Jessica Jones, Red Ranger murderer. We talked about The Flash and Grodd. Settlers of Catan has been optioned for a film or series. How’s that going to work? Doug Jones coming to The Flash as deadbolt. Ragman is the Jewish Spawn, Terry McGinnis is now Star-Lord in the GotG animated series. What voice guys do you love or hate?