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One Moment: Angel & Faith #5

This is definitely a fanboy thing for me. I just don’t dig Matt Smith as the doctor as much as I did Tennant. A little cameo like this is wonderful because anything that gives more Tennant to the world is…

Comics Radar 089 – Dashing Hitler Moustache


Sorry, I thought I put this episode up already. I probably tried to blank it out, after Matt’s story of messing with a crazy person. Or my new really cool, really important job is already burning my brain cells.

– DC Cancellations & New Series. Yay, More Liefeld!
– Green Arrow TV pilot.
– AMC expands Walking Dead by 3 episodes.
– Avengers VS X-Men line-up.

January 2012 Previews. I would love to see if anyone actually cut out Mike Richardson’s head and took photos with it.

And Always we want to know what you are pulling this month.

Best Power Rangers Ever

So, for some reason, my internet browsing led me to Power Rangers, which led me to this: Please let me know when this starts showing up on Saturday morning TV. I think it’s a DVR must. Definitely different from what…

One Moment: Wolverine and the X-Men #3

I’ll admit I’ve been feeling less and less enamored with comics in general as time has gone by. One moment is taking the opportunity to look at that one page or panel or scene that reminds me why we love…