FCBD Gold Books Announced
Free Comic Book Day is set for May 1, 2010 and they have just announced the “Gold” Level titles that should be available at every retailer participating. Freecomicbookday.com says these titles were voted on, but I remember previous years it was based on how much money the sponsor gave, so
John’s Pull List for 8/5/09
AVATAR PRESS Absolution #1 (Of 6), $3.99 Christos Gage this is the first issue after the zero issue. I really don’t understand doing a separate zero issue before the series, at that point the zero is the introduction to the character, unless something justifies its ‘Zero-ness’ it should just be
John’s Pull List for July 1, 2009
BOOM! STUDIOS Irredeemable #4, $3.99 More death, More destruction, and more backstory on how the World’s Greatest Hero became a mental trainwreck. It’s slow building, but filled with pathos. DARK HORSE Star Wars Invasion #1 (of 5), $2.99 For those of you that don’t read Star Wars novels, (like me)
Comics Radar 52 – June Previews – Still time to get your order in!
by John Campbell Wow, been too long since Matt or I last posted on the site, but here’s a fresh new episode to enjoy. Good News, no F-bombs this time around. First we review Transformers 2. We got to see a sneak preview Monday night, by now you’ve all seen
Comics Radar 051 – May Previews?!? Blame the New Host
So, here it is, the first podcast of the new regime. Matt’s taking over in the big chair; I’m focusing more on the tech and being the sidekick, which is really where I’m happy. – Dwayne McDuffie and Justice League of America. – Dragonball Evolution Sequel. – E3 wrap up.
John’s Pull List 4/15/09
Catch up week for me, so 2… 2… 2 weeks in one. AVATAR PRESS Doktor Sleepless #12 Ignition City #1 (of 5) Doktor Sleepless slowly crawls forward sans the title character showing the effects of what he set up in an issue that the more politically minded could use to