John’s Pull List for July 1, 2009
BOOM! STUDIOS Irredeemable #4, $3.99 More death, More destruction, and more backstory on how the World’s Greatest Hero became a mental trainwreck. It’s slow building, but filled with pathos. DARK HORSE Star Wars Invasion #1 (of 5), $2.99 For those of you that don’t read Star Wars novels, (like me) you’ll get to see how the Yuzahn Vong (spell checking… damn it, 2 ‘U’s?) Yuuzhan Vong enter the Star Wars universe. A violent race immune to the force. DC COMICS Batman And Robin #2, $2.99I didn’t expect to like Batman and Robin #1, but I really did. I liked it
Comics Radar 52 – June Previews – Still time to get your order in!
by John Campbell Wow, been too long since Matt or I last posted on the site, but here’s a fresh new episode to enjoy. Good News, no F-bombs this time around. First we review Transformers 2. We got to see a sneak preview Monday night, by now you’ve all seen it, but if not we give our almost spoiler free review. I want to change the score I gave it though. I had previously rated the first TF an 8, so I have to move TF2 down a couple points. I’d give it a 6, maybe a low 7 because
Comics Radar 051 – May Previews?!? Blame the New Host
So, here it is, the first podcast of the new regime. Matt’s taking over in the big chair; I’m focusing more on the tech and being the sidekick, which is really where I’m happy. – Dwayne McDuffie and Justice League of America. – Dragonball Evolution Sequel. – E3 wrap up. – Box Office Hits & Misses…so far. Then we Dive into the May Previews, since we missed it last month, tell you all the books that you should go and beg your local comic person to pull for you. The show ended with a Very Special Guest on the Piano.
John’s Pull List 4/15/09
Catch up week for me, so 2… 2… 2 weeks in one. AVATAR PRESS Doktor Sleepless #12 Ignition City #1 (of 5) Doktor Sleepless slowly crawls forward sans the title character showing the effects of what he set up in an issue that the more politically minded could use to attack/support either side. Meanwhile, Warren’s newest creation feels very british and is very intriguing in that vague hints of things to come many first Ellis issues are. Mary Raven goes to Ignition City the last hub of space travel on Earth to collect the things her estranged and now deceased
John’s Pull List for 4/1/09
APE ENTERTAINMENT Super Human Resources #3 (of 4), $3.50 One of the only books on the stands today that actually makes me laugh out loud. But while It’s packed full of humour, it’s still a little light on plot. Ken Marcus has some strong characterization for a freshman writer and I like the offbeat cartoon style so I’ll finish it out. BOOM! STUDIOS Farscape #4 (Cover A Joe Corroney), $3.99 Irredeemable #1, $3.99 Irredeemable starts off pulling no punches as our main character, the Plutonian, fries the family of another superhero. Seeing the preview pages, I thought their would be
Matt’s Pull List 4/1/09
1. Battle for the Cowl: Man-Bat #1 (one-shot) Like I’ve said before, I’m really enjoying the whole BFTC series. The Commissioner Gordon One-Shot was really Good. In this weeks tie-in, Dr. Langstrom aka The Man-Bat is Confronted by Dr. Phosphorus. Will The Man-Bat keep fighting to save Gotham City or will he sit back and Watch it Burn? 2. Cable #13 (X-Force/Cable: Messiah War) Chapter One of the Crossover Event was Pretty Good. Cable and X-Force are always at the Top of my Pull List. Here’s what we learned…X-Force is stuck in the year 2973, Deadpool is some how still
Pull List for 3/18/09
Pretty much a guarantee, that if I ever have time to record an episode with guests, the following week will be insanely busy. So, here without commentary is my Pull List for 3/18/09 magically timeshifted to be pulished on the right day. AVATAR PRESS Alan Moores Light Of Thy Countenance GN, $7.99 BLUEWATER PRODUCTIONS Imaginaries Vol 2 #2 (of 6), $3.99 BOOM! STUDIOS/ Eureka #3 (of 4)(Cover A), $3.99 Potters Field Stone Cold (One Shot), $3.99 BRAIN SCAN STUDIOS Watchmensch, $3.99 DC COMICS Air #7, $1.00 Azrael Death’s Dark Knight #1 (of 3), $2.99 Green Lantern Corps #33 (Patrick Gleason